Friday, November 11, 2011

Gay Chicago Closes

I came to write for Gay Chicago Magazine after running into the partner of someone I'd been involved in a political action with.  He worked there, mentioned they were looking for columnists, and set me up.  At first I was writing monthly editorials, then I was working with someone else and writing two columns a month.  At times I wondered if it was the right publication for my work, but I was glad for the opportunity to offer something.  My time writing for them was really good because it gave me an outlet for a kind of writing that I wasn't able to do elsewhere, but at times it was difficult because I felt tokenized and misunderstood.  In the end I stopped working for them just a couple months before they stopped printing.  Still, I'm grateful for having had the opportunity because the writing I did was incredibly helpful for me and I hope to a couple folks out there.

As of recently, Gay Chicago has ceased to operate either in print or online.  Good luck to you who are moving on from your time there.  Thanks too for the experience.

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